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Rastafest is a multi-disciplined festival showcasing different aspects of the Rastafari culture. The festival draws from the rich and diverse Rastafarian lifestyle and history.

Activities include: music, dance, drumming, arts/craft market place, ital food demonstration, film and video screening, children/youth activities, dub poetry workshops, writers' corner and a live concert featuring national and international reggae artists from Canada and the Caribbean. The festival is produced by Upfront Theatre Foundation, a non-profit, social justice, community organization and promoted by Masani Productions. Rastafest is not only created for entertainment, fun, and excitement for the entire family but it also provides an opportunity for networking amongst small business entrepreneurs at the Kijiji Market Place. Rastafest is a unique festival: while entertaining, it has an educational focus, i.e. an information booth is set up at the writers' corner whereby patrons can educate themselves about the Rastafarian lifestyle by the readings by Rastafarian writers and the screenings of Rastafarian films and videos. Special emphasis is placed on children and youth as active participants at the festival whereby various activities are staged in the daytime for them during the Flex Zone. The festival is streamed live via www.flexradio.net

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Latest News

  • 22AUG
    Posted by Masani;

    August 22nd, 2015
    The 14th Annual Rastafest will be kicking off at Downsview Park. Come and join us as we celebrate our Rastafarian heritage and culture through dance, music and enjoying cultured food.

    • 19AUG
      RASTAFEST: Rastafarian and Reggae Film and Music
      Posted by Masani;

      August 19th - 21st, 2015
      The Carlton Cinema will be showcasing the Rastafarian and reggae film and music from local and national talents. The ticket is $10

      • 18AUG
        Posted by Masani;

        August 18th, 2015
        The Launch Party for Rastafest will take place at Daniels Spectrum at 7:00pm

        • 14AUG
          Posted by Masani;

          August 14th, 2015
          TweenFest will be held at York Woods Public Library at 6:30pm. The event is intended for children ages 9-12. Refreshments will be provided and entertainment for the community

          • 29NOV
            RASTAFEST PROMO VIDEO (2011)
            Posted by Media Kings;

            Nov 29, 2011

            Rastafest 2011

            It's the biggest Rastafari Festival in the world, Rastafest is a continuation of international and national Rastafarian initiatives in Canada and Jamaica, namely: Rastafari Cultural Workshop in Toronto - 1977; First International Rastafarian Conference in Toronto.

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  • It is with great pleasure that we thank our past and current sponsors that have been supporting Rastafest since its inception over 13 years ago. We have continued to grow from our humble beginnings and now proudly boast an average annual attendance of 8,000 patrons. Our unwavering commitment to keeping our patrons entertained and educated contributes to our continuous growth. With Free cultural workshops and premium performances by International and Local acts we continue to surpass the expectations of our guests and sponsors alike.

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